NCTU Nanophotonics

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Advanced Nanophotonics Lab was established at 2005 in DoP, National Chiao Tung University and our research interest aims to tailor the light-matter interaction in various kinds of photonic materials and structures in order to widen the limits inherited on the current optoelectronics, such as physical dimensions, operational power and efficiency, modulation speed, and other functionalities. Our recent research topics includes surface plasmon polariton nanolasers, novel surface emitting lasers, such as VCSELs and photonic crystal lasers, microcavity light emitters for room temperature polariton lasers, perovskite lasers, high efficiency and high power LEDs for energy-saving, and high power semiconductor lasers.

The research results have high potential in various applications, such as 3D sensing for AI, quantum computing, bio-sensor, high speed optical interconnect, display, lighting and so on. Thanks to the support from MOST and industry, we have established complete semiconductor and nano-devices fabrication technology, such as MOCVD, ICP-RIE, PECVD, E-gun dielectric coater, etc. We also established various kinds of characterization techniques for optoelectronics and materials, including PL, Raman, EL and CL. Furthermore, we consistently devoted to building computational models for nano-photonic devices. Pushing to the boundary of our understanding of light-matter interaction as well as creating an exciting and interesting research environment are our long term goals. Welcome your interests to our research or become one of our team members!

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